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Training Programme Directors and Educational Leads 

  • NE Central London 
    • Bart’s/Royal London: Andy Williams, TPD & GUM SAC co-chair.

    • Mortimer Market Centre: Angela Robinson, Educational Lead.

  • NW London 
    • Chelsea & Westminster: Ellen Dwyer, TPD.

    • Imperial/St Mary’s Hospital: Fareed Shiva, Educational Lead.

  • S Thames 
    • Katia Prime, TPD.
    • 160 Falcon Rd, CLCH (integrated sexual health): Elspeth Bird and Komal Plaha, Educational Co-leads.

    • Croydon: Deborah Kirkham, Educational Lead.

    • Kings College Hospital: Nisha Mody, Educational Lead.

    • STT: Rebecca Simons, Educational Lead. 

  • Kent, Surrey and Sussex 
    • Daniel Richardson, TPD.
  • Leeds, Yorkshire and Humber 
    • Sarah Schoeman, TPD Leeds, Yorks & Humber, GUM SAC Co-chair. 
    • Hannah Loftus, TPD Sheffield, Yorks & Humber.
  • North East 
    • Sarah Duncan, TPD North Eastern.
  • West Midlands 
    • Sarah Barrett, TPD Birmingham. 
  • North West 
    • Anna Garner, Manchester/Liverpool TPD North Western.
  • East Midlands 
    • Ashini Fox, TPD Nottingham/Leicester.
  • East of England 
    • Sarah Edwards, Cambridge Joint-TPD East of England.
    • Holly Donson, Cambridge Joint-TPD East of England.
  • Thames Valley 
    • Huda Fadzillah, Oxford, TPD Thames Valley.
  • Wessex 
    • Sangeetha Sundaram, Southampton/Plymouth TPD Wessex.
  • Severn 
    • Megan Crofts, Bristol, TPD Severn.
  • Peninsula 
    • Sophia Davies, Devon & Cornwall, TPD Peninsula.
  • Scotland 
    • ​​​​​​​Imali Fernando, Edinburgh, TPD Scotland.
  • Wales 
    • ​​​​​​​Nicola Lomax, Cardiff, TPD Wales.

  • Northern Ireland 
    • Eoin Walker, Belfast, TPD Northern Ireland.